Ceretropic kończy działalność

Ceretropic kończy działalność

Zgodnie z przypuszczeniami co do przyszłości rynku nootropów z zeszłego roku przy okazji wpisu nt. Powder City , ponad rok po zamknięciu największego vendora w USA przyszła kolej na Ceretropic. Przez prawie 5 lat sklep ten oferował bogaty asortyment innowacyjnych produktów,  pośród których można było znaleźć również autorskie pochodne oryginalnych nootropów tj. Adamax , hydrazyd fenylopiracetamu oraz nowatorskie produkty pochodzenia roślinnego, np. Super Rhodiola. Ponadto wszystkie oferowane pozycje były testowane w laboratorium będącym na wyposażeniu firmy.

Taka oto informacja pojawiła się w ostatnich dniach na witrynie ceretropic.com:

A oto oficjalne wyjaśnienie współzałożyciela Ceretropic za pośrednictwem reddit:

Almost exactly 5 years ago, Jason and I were creating Ceretropic and getting it ready for launch. It was mid June 2013. When you reach the end, you inevitably start looking back at the beginning. I had just had a shoulder surgery, and Jason was trying to talk me into partnering with him to start a new nootropics company. We thought we could not only do some cool things, but try to advance the quality standards of the industry. I was hesitant, but the glow I had from the pain killers made me throw caution to the wind and agree to go with Jason on this journey. It was a journey that I could have never predicted the outcome of: the good, the bad, the successes, and the failures. It has not only been the most challenging experience of my life, but one of the most rewarding. We’ve gone through some difficult periods, and lived through some things many people might not believe; and while this might be the end of this chapter, I am proud of what we have accomplished. The support Ceretropic has gotten over the years is nothing short of amazing! The sheer amount of backing the community has put behind us never ceases to surprise me. I may never again be able to create something that garners so much support from so many people. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I am eternally grateful for everything the community has done for us.

I’ve kept Ceretropic going this long, through countless hurdles and challenges, because of the attachment I have to it, and to the responsibility I feel I have to the community. However, all good things must come to an end. I want that end to be on my terms, not on someone else’s. I don’t want people to go crazy with conspiracy theories. We are choosing to shut down, not being forced to. It’s just time for us to move on. I’ve gone through a lot of emotions leading up to this, as I am sure many here are as well. I wish things were different. I wish I could do more. The reality of the situation is that it is just time to say goodbye.

However, I don’t want people to only be sad. This is only the end of this chapter, not our entire story. Yes, be a little sad, but also be excited! We have a lot of plans for the future, and a lot of cool things in store for our new brand Natrium Health. So while this is goodbye for Ceretropic, it’s not the end of what I am trying to do. I still have a lot of work to do to reach my goal of improving the quality standards and analytical testing of the supplement industry. I’ve had my hands tied a bit the past couple years, and it has prevented me from doing the things I need to do to reach that goal. So ending this chapter is also going to untie my hands a bit, and allow me to focus more on reaching that ultimate goal. Natrium Health is just a first step on that road. It’s just the next chapter in the story, with many more ahead.

I also want to talk about something a bit off-topic, but something I think needs to be said. As many of you know, since I have spoken about it a few times on Reddit, I went through a bad depression over a decade ago. I was close to taking my life on a number of occasions. It was actually that experience that got me interested in neurochemistry and psychopharmacology. I never would have started Ceretropic, if not for that experience. The recent high-profile suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade have brought the issue back into the spotlight. Suicide rates are up nearly 30% since 1999, and I think a lot of that has to do with social media and the disconnect it allows with our own humanity. The ability to hide behind a keyboard and mouse allows people to say things they would not in person. However, that disconnect only goes one way. The receiver still internalizes the things said to them online as they would normally. They still feel the same feelings. I think it is easy to forget that there are real people behind the words written here. We all need to strive to be better to each other. We all need to strive to help improve people’s lives around us, because we are all in this together. I also want people reading this who are going through depression, to know that there people out there who know what you are going through. There are people out there who care about what happens to you, even if they have never met you. I’ve been there. If I had taken my life back then, I would have missed out on so many amazing things. I would have cut short my story before I gave it a chance to surprise me. If anyone here is struggling, please don’t give up. There is always the chance for amazing things ahead, and there are people who care about you.

So to end on a lighter note, I hope to surprise many of you with the things ahead. It’s goodbye to Ceretropic for now, but hello to a new chapter. If we keep focusing on what is behind us, or what could have been, we will miss the opportunities that lie in front of us. Thank you all again for the support over the years. It has kept me going for a lot longer than I would have without it. I will always appreciate the kind things said to me for the rest of my life. Thank you!

Co prawda oficjalna przyczyna zamknięcia nie została ujawniona, ale wiadomo od dawna, że sklep miał duże problemy z płatnościami i od jakiegoś czasu przyjmował transakcje jedynie za pośrednictwem kryptowalut. Prawdopodobnie wnikliwa analiza rynku oraz sytuacji prawnej (nie jest tajemnicą, że od jakiegoś czasu FDA mocno wzięła pod lupę rynek nootropowy w USA) zmusiła to podjęcia takich a nie innych kroków.

Drugi sklep należący do firmy – nootropicsdepot.com działa normalnie, jednak nie posiada w swoim asortymencie produktów syntetycznych. Wygląda na to, że era research chemicals w branży nootropów powoli dobiega końca.

Jednak cytując właściciela Ceretropic zapytanego o przyszłość firmy przy okazji zamknięcia Powder City w marcu zeszłego roku odpowiedział:

The only thing constant is change.

I słowa dotrzymał. W miejsce zamykanego sklepu powstaje właśnie naturalny odpowiednik – natriumhealth.com. Oto co napisał na temat nowego projektu sam twórca:

We’ve been working on this new brand for a few years now. Today is finally the day when we publicly launch it! We’ve modified our original plans a bit, and anyone that has been speaking to me privately has probably been hearing about this possible new brand for quite some time. Originally we were going to release all the stacks that we have been working on for a couple years. However, we decided to do more of a soft-launch with the natural solutions that many people already know from us. Then we are going to release the stacks we have developed regularly over time. This is going to allow us to not only stress-test the new Ecommerce platform, but will allow us a more gradual release of what we have been working on. Releasing all the stacks at once not only would have overwhelmed customers with a bunch of new offerings, but it would have also overwhelmed my team. So this new plan is going to work a lot better for us. So the goal of the launch right now is just to introduce everyone to the new brand that is going to be our focus going forward, and to get everyone associating it with the same team they know and love from ND and Ceretropic. The excitement will come soon when we start releasing the real products we have been working on!

That leads me to the real exciting part. We have some new amazing products that we will be releasing soon. R&D for these new products has been going on for over two years in the background, and I think people are going to be very impressed with them. I’ve been blown away by some of them in my testing, and I am hard to impress these days. One of them actually had me so impressed, I switched around our plans because of how popular I think it will be. We are doing some very novel things, and we are using all-natural ingredients to do it. That’s going to be our focus going forward. The regulatory environment is not getting any easier, and I’ve been hinting to people for quite some time that we are going to be pivoting ourselves. Well this is a big part of that. I can’t continue working toward my goal of advancing the standards in the supplement industry if I am constantly tiptoeing around and laying low; like I have been with our other brands. So I need to be able to pivot out into a brand that doesn’t have those limitations. Natrium Health is that brand.

Obviously the same level of service and support you have come to expect from my other brands is going to apply to Natrium as well. In addition, we have moved to Magento for our new Ecommerce platform. So we are going to have more features than our other sites. Initially we have a rewards program up and running. More features to that rewards program will be added over time. We also have other cool features that will be coming soon, like cancelling of an order that has not yet shipped, modifying orders, enhanced tracking of COAs, etc. So this new platform will give us more freedom to make the shopping, checkout, and tracking processes easier on everyone. So that should be pretty cool!

As always, I am eternally grateful for everyone’s support here. The Reddit community has been such a big part of what has kept me going through all the hurdles of the past couple years. I probably would have burnt out and became a crazy person living in a cabin in the woods, had it not been for the sheer amount of support that I have received from the countless Redditors. So I sincerely thank all of you for that, and I hope to be able to help the community a lot more as we make some of thee changes over the rest of the year.

Patrząc na pierwsze produkty oraz hasło firmy – “Science powered by Nature” można podejrzewać, w jakim kierunku będzie zmierzał. Ale czy zdoła zapełnić lukę po kultowej marce i zadowolić najbardziej wymagające grono nootropowych konsumentów? Czas pokaże.  Znając politykę firmy oraz doświadczenie w branży, może być ciekawie.

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